House of Jury is for people to voice their personal experience with an individual from a company, organization or any business with little or no censorship.

Note: Please do not write racist or inciteful comments, but, do indicate the individual name or use analogy for satirical purpose.


Have you experienced being bullied at work and the system just doesn’t address these issues while evil doers continue to trump. Due to the fear of retaliation, many choose to leave and walk away while these so called “human beings” continue to “rule” and sashay along the aisle of Oscars Award.

One thing for sure is that many organizations’ proper channel for complaint is usually the equivalent of career suicide which leaves one with little to no means for justice to be seen.

Hence, HOG is a channel for one to air his grievances in the condition of anonymity.


Bullying or toxic culture is ubiquitous and we should just voice it out professionally. A certain job portal (should call themselves “Opaque Door” instead) allows one to write feedback in a very controlled manner with no mention of individuals. However, the culture and environment of a company is made up of numerous INDIVIDUALS, hence we should now be able to clearly state the name of those individuals.

Disclaimer: While comments, feedbacks and potential allegations are being directed at individuals, organisations or business, we need to be cognizant that “everyone treats every individual differently”, hence the experience might be unique or one of the many similar cases.

We need to be able take the comments with a pinch of salt and discern the inner truth in which we seek. It is up to how one deciphers the comments or feedbacks, but, hate speech or any form of vulgarity will not be tolerated.