Chronicles of concubine stories in a sunny resort located within Sentosa

Having a special relationship with the CEO does give you unfettered access to say and behave as you wish.

Yes, it is evident for this company with roots tracking back to their Malaysia’s businesses since the early 1990s.

This particular CEO has been in helm for more than a decade and ruled the organisation with an iron fist despite the ups and downs of the company financial state.

Specifically, a lady nicknamed,”Mamee” who is rumored to have a special relationship with this CEO has rose across the ranks since the start of time.


Few things about “Mamee”:

  1. Cannot speak or write proper email, but, rose up the ranks for God knows what achievement
  2. Promote her “own” people regardless of capability
  3. No respect for fellow colleagues


  1. Many employees have spoke negatively about the company publicly and do join at your own discretion
  2. Despite weird retrenchment exercises held, there has never been major repercussions from governing bodies


  1. Beware of the people you work for and how you want to be treated within an organisation
  2. The above story is common and there are numerous incidents of such within the organisation, but, just always be wary of who and what type of company culture you want to be in

Takeaway: Dont believe in Karma- good things dont happen to good people.

In relation to “Mamee”, this article mentions that age was given but nationality wasnt mentioned- Does that name sound like Greek to you?

Interestingly, this is how much censorship that is happening while news are supposed to be objective but certain parts of the article are better off not writing it.

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